Our Seafood Department strives to offer the freshest fish and seafood available, which is why our fish is delivered fresh every day including a large assortment of Wild Seafood and Farm Raised Fish. Our seafood department is devoted to providing the greatest quality fish on the market at the best prices.

Our seafood must comply with certain safe practices and humane handling procedures. We provide many Sashimi grade options such as Ahi Tuna, Tasmanian Salmon and Tilapia along with many other favorites like Scottish King Salmon, Orange Roughy and Walu.

And, if you are looking for anything special we can most likely get it the next day!

American Fish & Seafood is committed to engaging in and promoting sustainable business practices

We hear it again and again... quality. At American Fish and Seafood, freshness and quality are one and the same. Our state of the art facilities and Experienced team provide the highest quality seafood in the business.

With countless seafood varieties to choose from, take a look around and taste our superior quality... Bon appetite!

Sounds simple right? We are committed to sustaining the world’s seafood populations and preserving them for generations to come. Through compliance and support for programs under U.S. Fishery management, you can feel certain that our product meets national standards. We are green!

Now in the steady hands of George’s son Ernie, the original vision for American Fish & Seafood lives on... backed by the fastest, freshest, ocean to table products in the industry.

Three generations later, we’re still making the seafood buying experience as healthy, easy and fun as the day we started.


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