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Green Acres Farm Market and Catering IMG_0764 is a  family ownedequados.clean and operated business since 1968. Our Hass Avocados are hand selected from the Green Acres family owned avocado ranch (Equados) in nearby Somis, CA.



A second  Green Acres family owned avocado ranch was acquired in 2014.  The first handpicked harvest of the new “Gem Hass” avocados arrived at Green Acres for our 49th Anniversary in 2017.  The Gem avocado can be planted at a greater density than Hass. The trees are more compact, with fruit borne on the interior and protected from sunburn by the leaves. Trees can be planted at 300-400 trees per acres. This small ranch has over 1000 Gem Hass trees which is why the ranch is named Ranch of a Thousand Gems.

As a community market, our Produce Department strives to provide you access to local farmers by carrying their seasonal products in the store. Our experienced regional buyers carefully select the freshest fruits, vegetables, and herbs within the marketplace.

DSC_0772Each year, we are honored to be presented with the Ventura County Reader’s Choice Award for favorite Farmer’s Market.