National Beef – Certified Hereford Beef® is Excellence Built by Tradition!

Certified Hereford Beef® is a comprehensive program delivering research-proven tenderness and flavor to customers seeking a higher quality eating experience. For a reliable supply and the program support you need to stand out, trust National Beef®.

Ranchers depend on healthy, natural resources for their livelihood and therefore place high values on the stewardship of the land. Many of our growers are third and fourth generation Hereford Beef producers who understand the importance of sustainable agriculture for the generations that follow. At Certified Hereford Beef®, we support the wise use of the modern capabilities of our food system. Our growers recognize that without it, our nation is woefully unequipped to feed the world safe, healthy beef and conserve the earth’s natural resources.

Benefits of Certified Hereford Beef®

Hereford and Hereford-British Cross-bred Cattle
100% USDA Certified
100% Product of U.S.A.
Naturally tender, juicy and flavorful beef
Minimally processed with no artificial ingredients or preservatives
Midwestern, corn-fed vegetarian diet
100% Rancher Owned
Consistent, research-proven quality

Green Acres has ALWAYS ground our beef IN HOUSE, several times a day!  We offer the freshest ground beef possible.